All About Lisa

Singing and songwriting are at the core of who I am. I am inspired by lyrics and melodies that weave a story, ‘like a song that speaks to my heart’.

As a young child, Lisa wrote poetry and then began to put her words to simple melodies. Although she wouldn’t share her songs until much later, she continued to write.  For years she sang the melodies and lyrics of so many talented songwriters. Finally, with encouragement and a little bit of anxiety about putting herself out there, she started to share and sing her own songs.

As a singer/songwriter, I love to talk about what inspired every song, every lyric, every note. I like to give the listener a glimpse inside of how the song was brought to life.

Lisa is a huge fan of the music of the 60s – Etta James, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Percy Sledge, Brenda Holloway, Gladys Knight and most of the amazing girl bands – The Ronettes, Martha and the Vandellas, The Marvelettes, to name a few. While everyone else was listening to the big sounds of the 80’s bands, Lisa was listening to any 60s music she could get her hands on.

That era of music is so real to me, so raw.  It didn’t seem to be about perfection; it seemed, to me, to be about reaching out and touching the listener. I strive for that every time I perform and every time I go into the studio. I focus on never losing sight of what I am trying to do – make a connection with the listener.

With her sophomore CD, A Million Miles, released in Fall 2013, Lisa presented 10 new original songs. She introduces ‘Lisa Imondi’ to the wider world, but in a manner that enables audiences from afar to enjoy an intimate performance, not unlike a live experience.  In a day when digital perfection is possible in the engineering booth, Lisa plans to present a refreshingly honest sound that makes the listener feel like she is right there, singing only to them. Many of the instrumental techniques and styles used on the CD were prominent in the 60s. In fact, the CD includes two songs written and performed to pay tribute to the 60s girl bands.

The CD was recorded using many techniques from the 60s with real instruments and musicians all playing at the same time in one large room. The sound is roomy and warm.

One of Lisa’s early songwriting successes, Hearts of Gold, was written to honor both those whose lives have been touched by cancer and the memory of those who lost their fight.  The song’s lyrics follow an emotional journey and culminate in a final realization that people appear from unlikely places willing to help those in need.

She followed Hearts of Gold with her first CD, a collection of 5 original songs alongside 3 of her favorite cover songs. The CD, Being Me, was released in April 2011 to very positive reviews. “Her debut album is a strong and truly pleasing example of a songstress who has put everything into her work, and it shows.” —Mike DeGagne.