My Story

"Life is a fabric of stories woven together with fibers of different colors, texture, and timbres."

My story. In my own words...

I like to listen.

I like to listen to understand everything that shapes who we are, our relationships, and our lives.

I like to ask questions.

I like to question why people feel inspired, peaceful, sad, happy, and all of the emotions we all feel every day.

I like to share stories.

I like to share stories in written word and through music. Sometimes the stories are about me and my life and sometimes the stories are about someone’s life but the words are always real.

And, I love to sing.

For everyone, I think there is a way that is most comfortable to share stories and raw emotion, for me it’s singing, bringing song lyrics to life.

I hope you will enjoy the stories and maybe even share yours.

Storytelling creates connections.

We all have…A Story to Tell


My story. In my own images...