Our Role: Support and Encourage

Support and encourage

It’s not counseling,” he replied.  And just like that, the conversation was over.

I was waiting for a meeting to start.  The usual small talk ensued as folks entered the room.  One of the senior leaders in attendance, an engineer, started talking about his niece. He loves supporting her participation in collegiate level sports; she is graduating from a large university in the spring of 2019.  He sounded very proud of her.

I bit…to keep the small talk going.

“Is her major engineering?”  I asked.

“No, but I wish it was,” he replied. “My niece is majoring in social work, counseling, something like that.  I hope she can find a job that pays something.”

Wow.  I wasn’t expecting the conversation to go in that direction.

I bit again. A little harder.

“Well, I didn’t major in engineering, and I ended up with a good job,” I said. “I majored in marketing.”

“It’s not counseling,” he replied. And just like that, the conversation was over.

I was surprised, but even more so, I was sad.  Sad that we put such emphasis on the wrong things.  A niece majoring in social work, or some related field, is something to admire. I would be proud that she wanted to do something to help others, to dedicate her life to making others’ lives better.

I wanted to tell him that everyone needs to choose the path that they want for their life.  We should encourage people to do what they want to do, spend their time the way they want to, and define their life the way they want to.

Our role is to support and encourage so that everyone has… A Story to Tell.


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