A Story to Tell

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Everyone has a story to tell

Everyone Has a Story

In the race to the most likes, shares, witty comments, and outrageous meme, the simplicity of connecting with someone and sharing an “everyday” moment is lost. What happened to sharing and appreciating the little things, the small act of kindness, a moment that brought a smile or a tear, or the joy of the unexpected encounter with a total stranger in line at the grocery store?

Support and encourage

Our Role: Support and Encourage

I was waiting for a meeting to start.  The usual small talk ensued as folks entered the room.  One of the senior leaders in attendance, an engineer, started talking about his niece. He loves supporting her participation in collegiate level sports; she is graduating from a large university in the spring of 2019.  He sounded very proud of her.

Stop Harassment

Use Your Platform

A crisp fall morning and I was headed to an off-site meeting.  Like many other women, I was the youngest and only female on the leadership team.

I stood on the corner waiting to cross the street. My thoughts were interrupted when a car pulled up to the stop sign.  In the car were two of my peers, the COO,